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Dedicated to quality service

We provide exceptional service and quality care on every alteration. Lorena takes pleasure in being able to serve you with that personal touch that's so important to you and often lacking from larger businesses.

I brought some pants in for a simple hem. They did an excellent job. At $11, it's a little steep compared to what I've previously paid at other places but it's convenient (close to home) and they have a fast turnaround time. Good work. I'm returning for some more work on other clothes - Manny A.

Making sure all of your customers are satisfied with our work is crucial. In order to assure customer satisfaction, we offer a guarantee for all services that we perform. Come in and visit our store, and you will be glad that you chose us.


We have full service tailoring, alterations, next day service, and a long history of experience. Brazilia Alterations wants to make your experience flawless so your items are ready and fit perfectly for the day you need them.

Giving new life to the old clothes in your closet

Excellence in service

We offer fast turnaround time with professional service